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What is Person-Centered Therapy?

Person-centered therapy is a collaborative approach between therapist and client. As the name sounds, it is very much focused on the individual and their goals. The belief of person-centered therapy is that everyone has the capacity to fulfill their own potential through personal growth and change. Essentially, you are the one that holds the power to make positive changes in your life.

Person smiling after person-centered therapy in westchester new york greenwich connecticut fort lauderdale florda pennsylvania

My role as a therapist is to provide support, guidance, and structure so that you can reconnect with your inner values and sense of self-worth. I provide therapy in a neutral and comfortable setting where you can feel at ease, and open to learning about yourself. As I facilitate this environment and support, you will have the opportunity to identify and implement the changes you need.

When person-centered therapy is used in conjunction with other types of treatment I have found it to be extremely effective. By connecting with your inner resources, you can pave the way to move forward in your life and feel good about the choices you are making. I am here to help you succeed in treatment by way of empathy, empowerment, and motivation. 

-Jessica Aron, Psy.D.

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