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Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a common human reaction to stressful situations. Everyone worries or feels nervous from time to time, but for people with anxiety disorders those fears and worries aren’t just temporary. Their anxiety continues, and can even get worse over time. This can have a severe impact on a person’s daily living. It can affect their performance at work, school, and in social situations. It can also affect their relationships  with friends and family. However, anxiety is very treatable when working with a qualified professional.

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Fortunately, there are highly-effective treatments for anxiety that are backed by research. When receiving treatment the majority of clients are able to reduce or eliminate their symptoms after several (or fewer) months of therapy. Many clients notice improvement after just a few sessions!

I am trained in diagnosing anxiety disorders and teaching clients healthier, more effective ways of coping. Through a collaborative process you can expect to develop practical skills and techniques for coping with anxiety. You will have the opportunity to practice your skills outside of counseling sessions as a way to learn to manage your anxiety, but you will not be expected to do so until we are sure you have the skills you need to effectively confront your fears. Contact me today for your complimentary phone consultation and take the next step towards a healthier life.

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but that is not what ships are built for.

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