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Trauma Treatment

If you have experienced a traumatic event it may be very difficult

to take the first step to help yourself. However, it is important to

realize that although it may take some time, with treatment, you

can get better.

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Some people are afraid they will have to ‘re-live’ the trauma in therapy and that is not the case. Therapy is more about learning how to cope with the after effects of trauma and build a more positive life. Effects of trauma can include: feelings of anger, guilt, and shame, negative thoughts, feelings of anxiety and fear, feeling detached, and/or difficultly experiencing positive emotions. It is important to note that children and teens have different reactions to trauma including: bedwetting, acting out the event during playtime, being overly attached to a parent or other adult, and/or disruptive and destructive behaviors.

You may be wondering how therapy can help you recover and rebuild your life after a traumatic experience. My priority is to create a safe and supportive environment so that you will feel comfortable when doing this work. In therapy we will begin by discussing the nature of your current struggles as well as developing a plan for your care. You can expect to learn about the effects of trauma as well as concrete skills to effectively cope with them. I will also help you to identify and deal with feelings of guilt, shame, and any other feelings you may have about the trauma. In addition, we will focus on changing your reactions to your symptoms by helping you more effectively face reminders of the trauma.


In treating those who have suffered trauma, my approach is one that focuses on empowering you to reclaim your life and your current experience. My knowledge, compassion, and genuine care make me an excellent fit for helping people recover from trauma. You do not have to do this alone, there is help. Contact me today for your complimentary phone consultation.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

- Carl Jung

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